• Gurukul Immersion

    Realize your blissful nature! Of all the programs, the Gurukul Immersion represents the timeless essence of the spiritual tradition of India. Guided by Swamiji, this program moves with the intent to break asunder the bondages from an ego-based conception of reality.

  • Retreats & Workshops

    Heal, Restore, Rejuvenate, and Expand: the Ashram's retreats and workshops are shaped around the powerful tools of ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and contemplation to unfurl the harmony and balance of holistic living.

  • Bliss-Based Approach

    Yoga = Unity. Unity = Bliss. Practice yoga and find your bliss. This is the nucleus of spirituality in a nutshell. All of the practices, philosophies, techniques, and methodologies applied at the ashram conform to this central Truth.

  • The Nature's Seed

    You are a seed of the universe, a storehouse of energy with the kinetic potentiality to grow into a tree of light and love providing shade, shelter, and fruit to all. Find your origins and you will awaken your luminous nature.

Home of Tureya Ashram

Tureya AshramWelcome to the online home of the Tureya Ashram, a spiritual community from the life sciences of yoga and other ancient esoteric traditions of India. Through these online pages you will find expository information about the ashram and the programs we offer. At Tureya we unfurl the beauty of spirituality from a multidimensional approach. A holistic integration of yogasanas, ayurveda, meditation, prana vidya, and other revered practices together create a revolutionary change in body-wellness, mental capacity, and spiritual awareness. What makes the Tureya Ashram unique?

  1. The ashram admits a maximum of 12 students at a time to ensure personalized interaction and training;
  2. The ashram is dedicated to one purpose; spiritual evolution;
  3. The training and discipline taught by Swamiji originate from the science of Yoga Psychology;
  4. Genuineness in pursuing spiritual growth is obligatory for all visiting students;
  5. We do not teach physical renunciation but rather a relinquishment of psychological, perceptual, and behavioral patterns that inhibit the experience of Yoga;
  6. We believe yoga to be a life science. The hundreds of thousands of Yogic Methods are fruitful when practiced under the right mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

The Tureya Ashram is maintained as a lotus center for spiritual blossoming. Everything we do at the ashram springs from a deep interest in the spiritual dimension of life. Our mission is to share the beauty of ancient spiritual wisdom, using it as a guide to aid students in the process of consciously awakening to their inner divine nature.

We share the ashram as a center for inner exploration.  Harmony is the vision we seek to invoke in the hearts and minds of all students visiting the ashram. Though we discourage casual-tourism from the ashram, we welcome all those who wish to experiment with a spiritual approach to life.

As an ashram, we exist for the sole purpose of stimulating drastic change in the lives of those who visit the ashram. Prior experience in yoga or Indian spirituality is not necessary but a curiosity for expanding the parameters, perceptions, and experience of life is of vital importance! Everyone has the potential to realize their divine nature. All that is needed is a change in awareness and perception.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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